A Guide to PDF and Document Viewers
featuring Snowbound Software's Mark Donohoe

In this eBook, we answer some of frequently asked questions regarding PDF and document viewers with the help of Snowbound Software’s resident PDF expert, Mark Donohoe, who has over 20 years of PDF experience with Adobe Systems.

Some of the PDF questions include:

  • How was the PDF format created? 
  • What is the Acrobat Viewer architecture?
  • How do PDF Annotations and Mark-ups work?
  • What is the benefit of being able to view PDFs in a Java environment?
  • How do browsers like Google Chrome display PDFs?
  • How do you extract text from a PDF?
  • What is a PDF Portfolio and what applications do you need to view one?
  • What is PDF/A and what does it mean to be PDF/A Compliant?
  • Will PDF files become obsolete in 5-10 years? Will HTML or another format ever replace PDF?

Download the eBook PDF now to learn all about web-based document viewers and the PDF format.

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A Guide to PDF and
Document Viewers eBook: